Skype Sessions

Due to the all of the technological advances Skype therapy is a very real option for people who may live in far from Dublin or who do not have a qualified CBT therapist in their area or are not very time rich for what ever reason. What makes Skype a great choice is how both parties, through Skype video, can see each other. As research has consistently shown a very large part of communication is not what we say but how we say it through our facial expressions, body and tone of voice and this is not lost with Skype video sessions. Some individuals have said they found the video format strange at the start of the therapy but people also mentioned how they quickly adjusted to this new model and gained many benefits from having CBT in this way.What do you need to have a Skype session:

Fast internet speed otherwise the session will be slow and there will be issues with video quality and interruptions
Either a computer or a smart phone with a camera and speaker (due to the large amount of data Skype tends to use it is probably best to use a computer and not add additional costs to your phone bill)
If your computer doesn’t have a camera you can pick one up from PC world for less than €30
A quiet place to talk uninterrupted for an hour
A Skype account (This is a free service and is easy to install. I will provide my Skype address when booking the first appointment)